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 3D Rapid Prototyping

Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, is a subtractive manufacturing process that produces extremely accurate parts by “cutting away” materials such as metal or plastic to form an precise part.
The 3D Printing industry will soon be worth over $3 billion worldwide, according to Forbes Magazine.

3D Prototyping Brain


September, 2014

“APP has been a great partner to procure SLA parts of near production level that are great for demos and preliminary testing.  Having the part as early as possible allows me to do early form/fit/function testing and correct any flaws prior to release tooling.”


Optical Engineer IV | Lighting
3D Printing Testimony




3D Rapid Prototyping Company

American Precision Prototyping is a 3D rapid prototyping company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We provide rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, and 3D printing services to clients across the United States and around the globe. For more than a decade, American Precision has used the latest technologies, techniques, and materials to create rapid prototypes and 3D models for our clients.

At APP, we create custom parts, rapid prototypes, architectural models, short production runs, and medical and aerospace devices using our rapid prototyping technology. Our systems can work straight from your CAD data, and we ensure extreme accuracy. We also have a team of in-house designers that can help you create your design before sending it to our rapid prototyping systems.

When you choose APP for your rapid prototyping needs, you get more than a part. You get a team of experts and professionals working for you. We provide instant online quotes for our rapid prototyping services, and we offer same-day rush completion for orders on a deadline. Our 3D rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and 3D design services are second to none. Send us your design or call our offices today to get your free quote and get started on your rapid prototype!